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How I Read 100 Books Every Year + My 2017 Book List

Whitney Hall2 Comments
How I Read 100 Books Every Year + My 2017 Book List


People often ask me about the books I'm reading. It's a dangerous question to ask me, however. As soon as I start talking about books, we are headed down a rabbit hole. It's fun down there, thankfully!

I've always loved reading. I blame my parents for the obsession. When I was a kid, we were constantly reading books. I remember a Christmas where I got this really cool Barbie camper and a box of books. I hugged that box. It's just who I am. 

The worst thing about being a book lover, however, is that I tend to read books super fast. I used to force myself to wait, but eventually that stopped working. So, during my final semester of college, I set a seemingly impossible goal of reading 100 books that year. I'd read somewhere (go figure) that wealthy people read around 100 books a year. I loved books and aspire to be wealthy. It was a no-brainer. The first year, I hit 100 books and I was so hyped. Of course, I had to try again. That was 2011. I've attempted to read 100 books every year since. Some years I hit the mark. Other years, I miss by a few books. Last year, I didn't get anywhere close, but 2016 was a special case. I don't stress about it, though. I'm reading and that's enough for me. 


1. CHOOSE THE BOOKS. The years that I've reached my goal are the years that I planned ahead. Because I start my challenge around the second or third week of the year, I use the weeks before to start choosing my next set of books. The dopest thing about doing a challenge like this is that people find out and they love to give you  recommendations. Recommendations make up most of my list. Aside from suggestions, I search Pinterest, Goodreads, magazines, and any other place that mentions books to make my list. And once my list is done, I choose a book that I can't wait to read to kick-off the challenge. 

2. GET CAUGHT READING. Because I'm reading 100 books, I have to be diligent about it. I read everywhere. Any free time that I have, I read. If I'm waiting in line or waiting on people to arrive somewhere, I read. This helps me knock out about 1-3 books a week. Be warned, reading everywhere will make people want to talk to you about what you're reading. I love that part! 

3. READ MULTIPLE BOOKS. This may deter people from wanting to join a challenge like this. I guess you could probably reach the 100 books goal without doing it, but I haven't actually tried. Some of the books I read are a little complex and reading them in a few days is impossible. In an effort to not get behind, I read multiple books at the same time. And no, I don't get the stories mixed up. But I do dream about them all mixed up sometimes! 


This year, my 100 Books List is comprised of books by over 80 African American authors. I'm super excited to get started. If you'd like, you can join me!