Whitney Hall

Hi! I'm Whitney, a 30-year old creator and storyteller laughing and loving in Alabama. My earliest memories of life are making up songs, writing stories and taking photos of everything. Since those days, I've kept my passion for storytelling and photographing alive through various entrepreneurial endeavors. But the older I got the more I gave in to the pressure that I had to pick something more practical and give up the things I loved. Luckily, purpose doesn't let you go that easily. So, I'm back, doing what I know and love - creating and telling stories.

I created Whit & Love for women like me; multifaceted, multi-talented, and on their way to living out their purpose. Women who found out early that creativity is their superpower, but who may have veered off course a bit. Of course, my goal is help those women (and myself) figure out how to live a life they love and not lose themselves in the process.